Mozilla Coming beta

release date: 3.01.2006

  1. Mozilla Coming 1.40 low high
  2. Mozilla Coming (demo) 0.26 low high

lyrics by RED
music by Ragnaar

There is great and bloody war
Coming red big dinosaur
Crushing windows where fool
Raping IE satan skull

of butchery
of bloodthirsty

Burning Opera small matters
Eating «O» putrid letters
Have prepared torture list
You will die, if will resist

Installation of Mozilla
Is New Web iconic pillar
Choose your fate by mouse click Download this new relic

Kill IE is your desire.
Take the Web, let world will shocks!

Ragnaar – guitars, programming
Flynt Eastwood – guitars, programming, vocals

Recorded and mixed at Flynt Eastwood’s
home studio December 2005